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How we do it

The characteristics of industrial wastewater differ from source to source and exceed the discharge norms of the Central Environmental Authority of Sri Lanka or the World Health Organization. Therefore, purification of industrial wastewater is challenging, as the treatment methodologies and the degree of treatment need customization. Our fully-fledged Research & Development arm carries out pilot trials for each type of wastewater prior to the selection of the most suitable treatment regime. In combination with our own in-house expertise, continuous R&D inputs, and the expertise of Veolia (the largest water management company in the world), all our wastewater solutions are tested for time and performance ensuring a higher degree of reliability.

The technologies used can be chemical, direct aerobic, anaerobic cum aerobic, MBBR, SBR, MBR, or a hybrid version, with or without prior chemical and physical treatments. The choice of the optimum combination will be proposed to the client after carrying out a complete evaluation. In addition, our fully-fledged R&D division is capable of finding solutions to treat any kind of industrial effluent. Our Treatment plants efficiently remove colors and odors and reduce COD, BOD & TSS. We offer Tertiary Treatments for applications where treated water is to be reused for toilet flushing, gardening, and even for process use if needed.

Our Solutions

Customized wastewater treatment solutions suite to any industry

Standardized products for wastewater treatment

Consultancy services on management of industrial wastewater

Tertiary treatment solution for reuse of industrial wastewater

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Our pledge to keep a clean and safe community

Our pledge to keep a clean and safe community

Facilitating industries to discharge industrial wastewater without disturbing the ecosystem is our prime objective. We try our level best to preserve the environment as it should be by providing equal living rights for all aquaponics ensuring a cleaner and greener planet for a better tomorrow.

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