Research & Development

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The fully pledged R&D arm of Puritas is a key strength of the company as it develops state-of-the-art treatment systems and offer customized solutions for all liquid effluents. We always-carryout pilot scale trials at our laboratory and the best proven treatment regime is proposed to the client.

Therefore, our treatment regimes are always 100% performance guaranteed.

In addition, Puritas is always up to date with the latest commercial scale water and wastewater treatment technologies developed in the world and the R&D team customizes and optimizes them to match the local environmental and operational conditions and obtain hands on experience prior to propose the solution to the client.

Further, we are carrying out researches to optimize and improve the existing treatment systems by innovative modifications, aiming the performance improvement, footprint reduction, minimization of the operational problems, reduction of the initial investment and the running cost.

Therefore, all the solutions provided for our clients are time tested and performance guaranteed with the minimum possible investment.

Laboratory Services

Integrating Solutions and Services for Process & Environmental Needs

We provide our clients with specialty chemicals that improve system efficiency and asset life, optimize their environment footprint and reduce operating costs. Together with GE India Industrial (Pvt) Ltd (GE Water & Process Technologies and part of General Electric Inc. USA) we supply innovative engineered chemical treatment programs for Water and Process Treatment Chemicals, Equipment and advanced water reuse and recycling.

Our offerings are

For Boiler systems – Corrosion inhibitors and oxygen scavengers for Corrosion Control, Sludge Dispersants and Anti-Scalants for Deposition Control and Condensate Treatment.

For Cooling systems – Corrosion inhibitors for Corrosion Control, Sludge Dispersants and Anti-Scalants for Deposition Control, and Biocides for Microbiological Control.

For Membrane (RO) Systems – Dispersants and Anti-Scalants for Deposition Control, and Cleaners.

For Water & Wastewater clarification – Flocculants, Coagulant Aids, decoloourants and Sludge Thickening Aids.

Process Treatments – wide range of Process Additives and Cleaners.

Our water technology applications serve a wide range of businesses within the following industries;

  • Food & Beverages
  • Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing
  • Power & Energy
  • Textile Manufacturing and Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hotels
  • Commercial establishments and Institutions

Latest News

The groundbreaking ceremony of Greater Matale Water Supply project

The groundbreaking ceremony of Greater Matale Water Supply project was held on 21st November 2014……

Sewage treatment plant at Nestle Lanka

Puritas has successfully completed a sewage treatment plant at Nestle Lanka factory in Makandura with a capacity of 200m3/day.