IMG_2011Being sensitive to the developing concerns of the country and serving the nation with what we know to the best, Puritas decided to extend their resources in to a CSR project to provide safe drinking water and livelihood uplifting activities in the CKD affected areas. This effort was backed by the fullest blessings of the higher management of the Hayleys PLC. Currently, Puritas is planning to expand their CSR project “Puritas Sath Diyawara”, the integrated water purification and livelihood development effort in the areas affected by the CKD.

The Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is the most discussed and most debated topic in Sri Lanka in the recent past, which is the failure of kidneys over a IMG_2048period of time, without any identifiable symptoms until latter stages. The patients start feeling the discomfort only during final stages of the disease and most of the time; it is too late for the survival and their life expectancy is calculated by months. The male farmers in highly agricultural areas are main victims of CKD and their loss severely affect the country’s productivity and further such loses leave behind unsolved socioeconomic complications in the community. Currently, the disease is predominant in the North Central Province but is rapidly spreading to other areas such as North Western, Eastern and Uva Provinces.

Although the causes of the disease are not conclusive, it had been already proven that the consumption of pure drinking water can not only prevent individuals getting affected but also can reverse conditions of the patients at early stages of the disease. This fact had been researched and confirmed by national and international studies. Further, creating awareness among vulnerable groups and improving their livelihood can also help to mitigate the problem. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to come forward to save lives of as many people as possible.

IMG_0503-2Being sensitive to above facts, Puritas decided to provide their expertise and resources to develop the “Puritas Sath Diyawara” project, which can be implemented at village level. Puritas will coordinate and implement the project components and finally will be transferred to the Community Based Organization (CBO) of the village. The CBO concept is practiced and proved system in many community projects in Sri Lanka. The CBO will be registered in the respective regional office of National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) as well as the Divisional Secretariat (DS). The operation of the CBO will be closely monitored by Puritas & NWSDB. The “Puritas Sath Diyawara” project includes below sub categories.

  1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification system.
  2. Purified water distribution mechanism.
  3. CBO based operating model to ensure the sustainability of the treatment system and the distribution.
  4. Awareness sessions / campaigns on safe handling of pesticides, best agricultural, health and sanitation practices.
  5. Health camps and screening of villagers to identify the affected people.
  6. Entrepreneurship development activities to increase the income level of the villagers.
  7. Initial and continuous monitoring activities to measure the effectiveness of the project.

The first step of “Puritas Sath Diyawara” (jointly funded by Puritas and Haycarb PLC) was successfully put in to operation at the village called D-10 Maithreepura in the Padaviya DS division, after being opened on 15th August, 2014.

A few other Hayleys and non Hayleys corporates have joined hands with “Puritas Sath Diyawara” to reach other needy areas of the country with their CSR budget allocations.

IMG_2261With the magnitude of the problem, it is obvious  that this project is one of the best life-saving CSR efforts ever attempted on Sri Lankan soil. However, the successfulness of the project heavily depends upon the level of awareness creation not only among the vulnerable communities but also among the entire nation as a whole.

Currently, about 500 villages had been identified in Sri Lanka with CKD patients reported but only few are secured with safe drinking water. The people in the rest of the villages are seeking good quality water just to protect their life. Therefore, successful implementation of these projects can be a blessing for everybody involved and we invite all interested parties and individuals to be prestigious partners of “Puritas Sath Diyawara”.

As a continuation to Phase I of Puritas Sath Diyawara CSR Initiative, Phase II of the project is funded by different sectors of Hayleys Group and details of the villages benefited are shown below.


  Company Village No. of Families Benefited No. of People Benefited Status
1 Haycarb PLC & Puritas (Private) Limited D10, Maithreepura 500 1,500 Completed
2 Hayleys Advantis Balayawewa 350 1,500 Completed
3 Hayleys Plantations Sector Kiriketuwewa & Sinhala Ataweerawewa 600 2,400 Completed
4 Hayleys Industrial Solutions Ltd Pihimbiyagollewa 300 1,200 Completed
5 Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd Nikawewa – Left 320 1,600 On-going
6 Alumex PLC Billewa 300 1,200 On-going
Total 2,370 9,400  


Three projects funded by Hayleys Industrial Solutions Ltd, Kelani Valley Plantations PLC & Talawakelle Tea Estates PLC and Hayleys Advantis Ltd were ceremonially opened on 10th March 2015 at Rambewa, Kebithigollewa and Padaviya respectively. In addition to these projects, further two projects are underway in Nikawewa – Left in Welioya and Billewa in Mahawilachchiya which are funded by Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd and Alumex PLC.

Phase III of Puritas Sath Diyawara

Puritas Sath Diyawara will expand its facilitation to four more similar villages during 2015/2016 financial year through the funding of Hayleys Group companies tallying the count to 10 projects with an aggregated investment of LKR 35 million.

Phase III of Puritas Sath Diyawara will cover below areas.

Village District Families Benefited Population Funded by
1 Parangiyawadiya Anuradhapura 300 1,250 Dipped Products Ltd
2 Ananthapuram, Sivanagar, Iranapalai Mullaitivu 900 3,000 Haycarb Group
3 Neriyakulam Vavuniya 700 2,243 Hayleys Advantis
4 Nelumwewa Polonnaruwa 350 1,400 Hayleys PLC

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