Activated Carbon for industrial applications

CARBONThe power of Charcoal was known to the world from the early days of human civilization. Its purification capabilities had been discovered by the ancients and therefore, became an essential ingredient in many indigenous remedies.

Charcoal obtained from the firewood stove of the kitchen was the commonly used mouth cleaning material until the cosmetic industry discovers many products to keep the teeth clean and to avoid bad breath. Fresh dug wells as well as other wells after each emptying & cleaning are added with charcoal to ensure pure drinking water.

Activated Carbon is the improved version of Charcoal, which is being produced by (activation) applying high temperature (1000 oC) steam to increase the efficiency by 10 to 30 times. The secret is that activation increases the internal surface area by creating minute tunneling systems inside the carbon particles as many chemicals can go in to the tunnels and rest (adsorption). It had been estimated that 1 gram of activated carbon can accommodate a single layer of chemicals which can be layered on a football ground, which explains its supernatural ability of purification.

Activated carbon is made from many natural and nontoxic materials (Coconut Shell, Wood, Coal etc…) by treating them with steam, which is also nontoxic. Therefore, activated carbon is also nontoxic and in fact it is one of the best known antidotes for oral poisoning which gives minimum side effects to the patients.

In the modern world, activated carbon is used for a vast variety of purification activities water and air purification in industrial scales. Further, activated carbon is an essential component in recovery of precious metals such as gold.

Personal safety items, cosmetics, drinking water filters, cigarette filters, air filters and many other consumer goods also obtain the service of activated carbon to comfort the lives of humans.

Haycarb PLC, the worlds’ largest Activated Carbon manufacturer has appointed Puritas to distribute its world-class high quality Activated Carbon to Sri Lankan market. Puritas sells Activated Carbon in following forms;

  • Retail quantities in raw form
  • Bulk quantities in raw form
  • Activated Carbon Sachets
  • Activated Carbon Sacks

Applications of Activated Carbon in Sri Lanka

  • Oil decolorization
  • Potable Water Purification
  • Water purifiaction in Aquarium
  • Wastewater Purification
  • Air Purification
  • Solvant Recovery
  • Alcohol/Ethanol Purification

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